Staff Portal Tutorial

Hello Teachers! 

Here's how to use your Staff Portal and log your hours after teaching. 

First, log into the staff portal, you can do this from your phone or at one of the computers in the Academy. 

Your username is your first initial and last name. If you haven't used the portal before, you will need the front desk to send you a temporary password and link to set it up. 

Once you log in your homepage will be on the News tab. Check this periodically for announcements and other staff department news. 

View all of your classes listed under "My Schedule Tab". You can also take attendance with Manage Classes if you'd like. 

To log your hours, select "My Time Card"

Scroll down on this tab until you get to today's date. Enter in your total hours from your printed time sheet, and then click "Save" at the top. You can also add in notes to your logged hours, if you have a question or a trial that you had to write into your timesheet that day you can also note it here. 

Your department should be defaulted to either music or dance depending on what kind of instructor you are. Teachers who also do Admin work will have the option to select "Admin" under Department to enter in those hours as well. 

If you need to make a correction to time or forget to enter it in, please contact Katie at the front desk via email with a description of what you need to correct.